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One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change

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Writers Project, September 24:

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Coming Events

Stuart Bartow and Randy Girard to Launch Finnegan's Wake Project.

Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce has earned its reputation as one of the most challenging works in the history of English Literature.  One doesn't tend to find many readers who can say they have completed the entire book. Bartow and Girard have both dabbled into the text without reading it to completion.


For immediate release

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SUNY Adirondack’s College Lecture Series on Wed., Apr. 16:

“The Fate of the Book”



AVOPA Update:

The outstanding students for Fall 2013 were Mechelle Roy, Katy Flynn, and Theresa D'Aiello. 

For Spring 2014:

All students in second semester writing classes and 200-level English classes are invited to submit to AVOPA, SUNY Adirondack’s Voluntary Outstanding Portfolio Assessment.


On Friday, March 14 Charlotte Smith and Naftali Rottenstreich met with students at Hartford High School.

NEWCA 2014: Difference and Inclusion; Writing Centers as Sites for Change

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